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Antonio Baxter is a major character featured in A Fistful of Dollars. He is the the son of John Baxter, a weapons smuggler and the Sheriff of San Miguel, and his wife Consuelo. His Yojimbo counterpart is Yoichiro.


Early life[]

Nothing is known of Antonio's early life. He may have been born in Mexico or the southern United States. His father, John Baxter, came to the border town of San Miguel and installed himself as Sheriff likely to cover his weapons smuggling operations. Raised in this environment, Antonio has supported his father's illegal operations in any way he can.

A Fistful of Dollars[]

After the Stranger arrives in town and guns down four of Baxter's gunmen, Antonio emerges from the house alongside his father has he threatens to have Joe hanged. Later, during the gunfight between the Baxter and Rojo crime families at the nearby cemetery, Antonio is captured by the brothers and held hostage at their compound.

Meanwhile, the Stranger managed to free Marisol and bring her to the Baxters. John meets with the Rojo brothers and arranges a deal the following day; exchange Marisol for Antonio. When Antonio makes his way back to his mother, she slaps him across the face. The Stranger, however, is informed of how Marisol is kept hostage from her husband Julio and their young son Jesús by Ramón Rojo, and begins to empathise with her. That night, he breaks into the safe-house where she is kept under guard and kills all five bandits charged with watching over her. Joe reunites her with her family and provides them with the money he has recently earned from the Baxter and Rojo families before telling them to flee to the United States.

The Rojo brothers are enraged at the betrayal and capture Joe, subjecting him to a brutal interrogation. He manages to escape, however, and believing the Baxters to have assisted him, they set fire to the Baxter family house and gun down any person attempting to flee the flames. When John and Antonio emerge, he begs for his life and exclaims that he and his family will pack their things and leave that very night. Unimpressed, the Rojo brothers gun father and son down side-by-side, to the horror of Consuelo, who curses the brothers before being shot by Esteban Rojo.

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