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Our orders are to make sure he does not die... but also to make sure he regrets the day he was born.

–Chico during the interrogation of Joe.

Chico is a character featured in A Fistful of Dollars. He is an outlaw affiliated with Don Miguel Rojo and his violent gang.


Early life[]

Nothing is known of Chico's early life. He was likely born in Mexico and at some point turned to a life of crime, joining the Rojo family cartel based in the border town of San Miguel. He assisted them in their operations smuggling alcohol into the United States.

A Fistful of Dollars[]

When the young Jesús attempts to sneak into the small house in the outskirts of town, hoping to see his mother, he is chased off by Chico and another man, who shoot at his feet, and Chico then assaults his father Julio. Later, when a mysterious stranger comes to town and offers his services to the Rojo family, Chico is responsible for showing Joe to his room.

Chico rude boy

Chico chases a young Jesús away from the small house.

Shortly afterwards, Joe orchestrates a violent confrontation between the Rojo family and Sheriff John Baxter, so that he will have time to search the family estate. Chico was left behind as the lone guard, and Joe, remembering the bandit's earlier treatment of the young boy, shoots at his feet from a concealed location. At first scared, Chico grows irritated and demands his attacker reveal himself. Instead, Joe shoots out the supports holding open a large wooden door, which swings down onto Chico's head, rendering him unconscious.

When Joe is later captured by the Rojo thugs, Chico is responsible for his interrogation, receiving great pleasure in causing pain. The next morning, Joe escapes his binds and rolls a barrel of explosives down into the compound, killing Chico and Vincente, another gangster. Their liquor-soaked bodies are then incinerated when Joe lights the room on fire to spook the Rojos who are searching for him.


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