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An unidentified Union captain was a Union officer during the later years of the American Civil War.

He was a drunk and was constantly seen joking around and seemingly incapable of handling the responsibility that was given to him. He befriended Tuco Ramírez and Blondie when troops under his command found the two wandering close to their encampment. He felt that the bloody confrontation his men were involved in against the local Confederate garrison was a futile waste of both men and supply. He constantly thought of destroying the bridge that his garrison was assigned to protect because the destruction of the bridge would end the local conflict.

Soon after his introduction to Tuco and Blondie, the Union contingent under his command clashed with the Confederate garrison and the two groups engaged each other in a charge over Braxton Bridge. The captain was mortally wounded during the fighting and he was brought back to the Union encampment in a hopeless state. However, Blondie indirectly revealed his plan to destroy the bridge, giving the captain hope in his dying minutes. He begged for the Union medic to keep him alive for as long as possible in hopes that he would witness the bridge's destruction. The cridge exploded a few minutes later, allowing the captain some happiness, sighing with relief and dying with smile on his face.