The Dollars Trilogy Wiki
Played by Aldo Sambrell
Appears in For a Few Dollars More
Status Deceased
Location Agua Caliente

Cuchillo was a member of El Indio's gang. He participated in the El Paso bank robbery and was present when the gang arrived in Agua Caliente. After Monco and Douglas Mortimer are found attempting to steal the money, Cuchillo helps the gang beat them up. Later, Niño murders Slim, under orders of El Indio, in order to frame Cuchillo. Cuchillo is woken up and reports to El Indio. After trying to prove his innocence, El Indio turns on his watch and asks if Cuchillo could make it to the horses in time. Cuchillo quickly dashes away, but is gunned down by El Indio, who tells a lie to his gang in order to get them to go after the Bounty Killers.