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Dandy Deevers is a major character featured in A Coffin Full of Dollars. He is the ring-leader of a travelling circus as well as the husband of Molly Deevers, and father to Cora and Laura.


Early life[]

Nothing is known of Dandy's early life. He was likely born in the United States and at some point began working for the travelling circus. He would later marry Molly and with her father two daughter, Cora and Laura.

A Coffin Full of Dollars[]

While visiting the small town of Los Ydros, Dandy and his wife are threatened by the outlaw "One-Eye" Previs. Thankfully, they are rescued by the Man with No Name, who guns down Previs and his gang. Dandy then hires the Stranger to perform in his travelling act.

Later, the circus is again attacked by the Apachito and his gang, and the Stranger's rival Shadrach arrives in an attempt to take the bandit leader down. They fail, and Apachito escapes, forcing the two rivals to work together. They search for Apachito in the town of Hangville, a safe haven for criminals, but only attract unwanted attention. The Stranger is forced to kill the wanted outlaw "Curley" Bick after a confrontation outside of town.

The Stranger and Shadrach learn that Apachito intends to rob the bank of Hangville, and so work with Deevers to evacuate the money in one of his wagons. When the wagon breaks outside of town, they work to transfer the money into a coffin in an effort to hide it from Apachito, who is closely in pursuit. Suddenly, however, a flash flood occurs and the coffin is caught in the water current. The Stranger and Shadrach give pursuit, but discover the coffin to be empty. Deevers has managed to acquire the money and succesfully escaped along with his family.

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