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Marisol was once the wife of Julio, and mother to their young son Jesús, but she was been held hostage by the notorious gangter Ramón Rojo. She is based on Nui from Yojimbo.


Early life[]

Nothing is known of Marisol's early life. She was likely born in Mexico and at some point met and married Julio, eventually giving birth to his son Jesús. However, Marisol eventually attracted the attention of the notorious gangster Ramón Rojo, who accused Julio of cheating in a card game and used this to justify taking Marisol hostage as punishment. For an unknown amount of time, she lived with the Rojo brothers and acted as a lover to Ramón, though Julio and their son remained close by and often stole glimpses of her while she was escorted through town.

Later, a mysterious stranger arrives in town and begins working for both the Rojo brothers and their rivals, John Baxter and his family. When the two factions are distracted during a gunfight at a nearby cemetery, the Stranger rescues Marisol from the Rojo compound and brings her to Consuelo Baxter, who returns her to the Rojo brothers in exchange for her son, Antonio.

Now aware of her situation, an empathetic Stranger attacks the safe-house where she is held, gunning down her guards. Paquito and Fausto are among those killed defending her, but the Stranger manages to re-unite her with her husband and son. After giving them his recently earned money, he tells the young family to flee the area to the United States.

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