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I'm alive, and I want to remain with the living, understand? And when I'm dead, I want to remain with the dead. And I would be unhappy if somebody living forces me to remain with the living.

–Silvanito to Joe.

Silvanito is a secondary character featured in A Fistful of Dollars. He is the local innkeeper residing in the Mexican border town of San Miguel. His Yojimbo counterpart is Gonji.


Early life[]

Nothing is known of Silvanito's early life. He was likely born in Mexico, and came to the village of San Miguel where he established the local cantina.

A Fistful of Dollars[]

When a mysterious stranger comes to the town, he stays at Silvanito's inn and befriends the aging innkeeper. Silvanito reveals to Joe that the town is divided by the feud between the local crime lord Don Miguel Rojo and the sheriff, John Baxter. The stranger decides that he could profit by playing the families against each other.

Later, after the stranger kidnaps Marisol from the Rojo compound, Silvanito explains the history between her and Ramón Rojo. When the outlaws attack the Baxter family in an attempt to retrieve her, Silvanito joins in the defence, armed with a shotgun, and supports Joe in the fighting. He is later captured by the gangsters and subjected to a brutal interrogation, but is rescued when Joe returns. After freeing Silvanito from his binds, he is dragged away by Piripero, the local undertaker.

In the final gunfight, Silvanito is responsible for killing Esteban Rojo with his shotgun, after the stranger guns down Ramón and the other Rojos.