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Vincente was a minor character featured in A Fistful of Dollars. He was an outlaw affiliated with Don Miguel Rojo and his gang.


Early life[]

Nothing is known of Vincente's early life. He was likely born in Mexico and at some point turned to a life of crime, joining the Rojo family cartel based in the border town of San Miguel. He assisted them in their operations smuggling alcohol into the United States.

A Fistful of Dollars[]

Following the Stranger's betrayal of the Rojo family, it is believed the Baxters may have been involved in the hit on the small house. Vincente, Martín, Miguel and Paco are ordered by Ramón personally to accompany him. Later, much to his chagrin (as he's currently in the middle of a poker game), he's tasked, along with Chico, with keeping watch over the Stranger until the Rojos are ready to continue the torture. Both are killed when the Stranger rolls a big barrel their direction as soon as they enter.

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